15€ za sve Đukine mušterije

Djuka & CryptoDome.net & Bitwala = suradnja koja omogućuje 15 EUR za sve naše mušterije.
  1. Na računalu (nikako ne na telefonu) kliknite na ĐUKA LINK > te nakon toga na Free account (gore desno> te krenite ispunjavat podatke s osobne iskaznice).
  2. Nakon registriranja, instalirajte Bitwala aplikaciju na telefon: Android / iOS
  3. Prijavite se u app na telefonu, pripremite osobnu i kliknite Verify > Verification* (solarisBank is the bank provider kada te pitaju, važno za zapamtiti).**
  4. Nakon verifikacije na telefonu, vratite se na računalo, prijavite se na bitwala.com i u opcijama pronađite > Wallets > te Create Bitcoin Wallet.
  5. Ako ste koristilili Đuka link te pratili sve gore korake, na novo otvoreni bankovni račun biti će vam dodjeljeno 15EUR kroz 2 tjedna (s istima možete kupiti odmah i Bitcoine)

*minimalno znanje Engleskog ili Njemačkog je potrebno za verifikaciju
** strpljivo čekati dok se ljudi s druge strane ne jave za verifikaciju. Može se odložiti telefon na sa strane

Klikni ovdje za detaljne upute

Once you finish all the steps listed bellow you will have:
-bank account in Germany which supports EUR, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
-euros in the account are insured up to 100 000 EUR
-you will have a German IBAN
-you will have a new Bitcoin wallet that only you can control (not your keys, not your Bitcoin). Not even Bitwala (or anyone else for that matter) can take your Bitcoins away
-you can order your MasterCard card which will be linked to your EUR bank account. Shipping is free and it arrives at your doorsteps within few days
-withdrawing cash at any ATM worldwide is without fees. Paying at POS terminals is without fees. MasterCard currency rate is what is used to convert your funds when outside of euro zone > doesn’t get better rate then this
by opening an account with Bitwala and creating Bitcoin wallet afterwards >> within 2 weeks your newly created Bitcoin wallet will be credited with 15 EUR.

Not to forget:
-opening an account is free
-closing an account is free
-there are no maintenance fees for the account or the card
-there is no transaction volume on the account that is needed

It’s never been more safe, easy, and fast to manage crypto.” – Fintech Finance
By opening an account, users can buy, sell and hold Bitcoin and not only just EUR. Name of the company that is behind everything is Bitwala. Only company in the whole Europe that managed to incorporate banking account and Bitcoin wallet in one single account >> that is never seen functionality if you consider that you are controlling your own keys. Not them, but you. You control your keys and your Bitcoin. Not them. Let that sink in.
All in the accordance with the German regulators and strict German law.
It doesn’t get better and more secure then that.

“Not just great haircut and premium service >> but also a 15 EUR which you can use to buy Bitcoin. You know that old saying: Give a man a fish..but teach a man how to fish…” – Djuka

Read the whole text, don’t skip steps.
If you do not follow the steps outlined in this text and do not use the link provided by Djuka, you will not be credited with 15 EUR in BTC as discussed here, regardless if you are our customer or not.
If you get stuck during registration or have a question regarding steps, email Cryptodome immediately at info@cryptodome.net

Before you begin make sure you have at hand:

  • computer (if you do not have a computer email Cryptodome at info@cryptodome.net so they guide you manually for just smatphone)
  • pen
  • papir
  • smartphone
  • osobnu iskaznicu
  1. Once on your computer (not your smartphone) click on: ĐUKA LINK or type it in manually into your browser > then click o Free account (top right).
    In case there is an issue with the link or it won’t open, email info@cryptodome.net right away
  2. Now it is important to put in all your real data as shown on your ID. Data needs to be real and valid as you are opening a bank account after all.
  3. When they ask you to check your email, go do that, and click on the link to verify your email.
  4. After verifying your email >> your account is now open
  5. Android – now you need to install official Bitwala app from Google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bitwala.app&hl=en
    Name of the app: Bitwala: Crypto Banking
    Developer is: Bitwala GmbH
    iOs/iPhone/iPad – Official app store link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bitwala-crypto-banking/id1454003161
    Name of the app: Bitwala: Crypto Banking
    Developer is: Bitwala
  6. Open the app and login with your newly created credentials (your username and password)
  7. Once logged in, click on VERIFY and get your ID ready.
  8. Wait till they pick up the phone for verification. Someone will be with you shortly. They will verify your identity. Make sure you know that solarisBank is the bank provider that Bitwala uses, as they will ask you that
    Once verified, you still have few minutes of work till you open your wallet.
    Next step will create a Bitcoin wallet and you will claim 15 EUR, which you can use to buy ₿ right away if you want.
  9. Go to your computer, login to bitwala.com and Go > Settings/options >> Wallets/Bitcoin and choose Create Wallet under Bitcoin section.
    Computer is preferred as there is potential bug where if you do the step 9 in the app, it might log you out. Just so you know if you try it on the app if it logs you out.
  10. Take the pen and paper and write everything down, including 2x sets of words (seeds) + wallet password. Once everything is written down and you are at the final step – Bitcoin wallet will be created. You did it.
    During next 2 weeks you will receive 15 EUR .
    Put the paper in a zip-bag and save it in a vault or somewhere safe (maybe where you keep your passport if you don’t have a vault)
    If you lose this piece of paper, you lost all access to your future Bitcoins, so don’t take this step lightly.
  11. You can now order MasterCard for free. Remember, only you can access and control your Bitcoin and all your EUR is insured just like in any other EU country up to 100 000 EUR.

“Give a man a Bitcoin and it will be rich for one day until he loses it. Teach a man everything about Bitcoin and you have gifted him with propel wealth.”

What can I do with 15 EUR that I just got?

  • buy Bitcoin
  • spend Bitcoin at our barbershop
  • save it for the future because Bitcoin it is the hardest money ever created
  • you can buy something with EUR or Bitcoin
  • you can use EUR to buy Bitcoin, and later on to sell Bitcoin..all in Bitwala account and then use it with your Mastercard or do simple withdrawal of the funds – normal banking stuff

Master barber needs to inovate all the time. I like to offer something new and exciting all the time.

Majstor Djuka
  • If you get stuck we have aranged support with Cryptodome at: info@cryptodome.net > email them right away.